Tournament #2 Champions – mTp

deckland trophy

Our second tournament has come to an exciting end! After sneaking past North America in two very close matches on Short Fuse and Warhead, mTp has managed to win their second tournament in a row. For their efforts, they will be taking home nearly 4 million GP (courtesy of Valofe), and 5,000 GC (donated by the community)! Congrats to our reigning champs, and a big thanks to the dozens of competitors who showed up and brought us some great fights.

Tournament #2 Bracket

We would also like to thank all the fans for joining us on our first casted stream on Twitch. With nearly 100 viewers tuning in, casters nFernal, Meek, and Skittles were able to provide some great entertainment for the evening (hopefully you were one of the 10 lucky winners of our GP raffle)! Finally, we would like to thank GM-Loop and GM-Hidea for remaining in active contact with us throughout the tournament and promoting our stream both in-game and online!

I’d like to end this post with some closing thoughts. As we look to the future, we envision C3 as a weekly cup that is run by and for the community. We’d like to switch up the modes occasionally to keep things fresh and exciting. With this vision in mind, we’d also like to keep the prizes interesting enough to keep you coming back each week. Nothing about future tournaments has been confirmed yet though, so stay tuned to our website and Discord for any updates. We also know that the tournament timings can be a bit late for our EU players, and we’re keeping this in mind as we plan ahead. In addition, we’re all aware that hacking is a big concern, so we’re looking into possible external anticheat solutions.

If you’d like to share your suggestions for future cups, we’d love to hear from you! Please enter our Discord and join the conversation. Criticism is also welcomed, as we will constantly try to improve your experience as a player and/or viewer. And if you don’t want to do either of those things, you can always come through and keep us entertained with your sweet, sweet memes :’)

– ramski

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