10th Anniversary Celebration


Combat Arms officially entered Closed Beta in North America on May 30th, 2008.

Let that sink in. 2008. Yes, it’s really been that long! For 10 years, we’ve shot trillions of bullets (hopefully none of yours were stun bullets), defused bombs in clutch situations (pros don’t fake!), won (and lost!) eliminations 140-139, ran for our lives from the Super Spy, conquered puny Desert Thunder bots to see if you would get the Elite Shemagh for perm after 1000 days (spoilers: nope), captured flags in Death Room while dodging RPGs and grenades, freeran past that Infected who may or may not have been one of your clan members (you know who you are!!!), made firework shows by dropping trails of mines around maps, argued about male/female hitboxes for the 38th time (no really, they’re the same!!!!), hackusated that one player who couldn’t possibly kill you because you were behind double doors and weren’t making any noise and there was no way they could’ve seen you from there and noscope you and why would they even rush double doors with that goddamn VIP hack time to submit a report

Did that paragraph get you feeling nostalgic?! Did it get you itching to wipe the dust off that M16? Hopefully it did, but just in case, we’d like to host a special event to relive the glory days! We will be playing a variety of special games this Saturday for you to kick back and celebrate 10 years of CA. Signups won’t be necessary, and everyone who participates will receive GP prizes! We invite everyone to join us for a nice change of pace from our weekly tournaments. More details on the games will be posted shortly on the website and Discord.

Do you have any ideas on the kinds of events we should host? Please join our Discord and let us know what you have in mind. Remember, we want you all to party like it’s 1999 2008, so be sure to tell us exactly how you’d like to celebrate!

– ramski

10th Anniversary Celebration – No Signup or Blackbox Needed (but MUST be a member of our Discord)
NA: Saturday – May 26, 2018 – TBA
EU: Saturday – May 26, 2018 – TBA
AUS: Sunday – May 27, 2018 – TBA

TBA—there will be multiple

Current Event Suggestions:
– Junk Flea – 2v2 Elimination – Onetap Challenge (by Turmis)
– 8v8 S&D – 2008 gear (by Taava)
– Death Room – Nadehouse CTF – Explosives Only (by TheRealSilva)
– Vertigo – Spy Hunt – MGs Only (by Turmis)
– Desert Thunder – Pistols Only (by LimitBreakerGoku)
– Snow Valley – One Man Army – M24 Only (by LimitBreakerGoku)

TBA, EVERYONE will win GP for participating as long as they submit a screenshot of their game