10th Anniversary Celebration Information

anniversary celebration

UPDATE (6/2/18): The winners have all received their GP Prizes!! ūüėÄ – ramski

Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Celebration! We hope you stay around for a few games this weekend and relive the glory days! There are many events for you to enjoy–all of which were designed to make you feel like you stepped into a time machine to enjoy some old CA!

10th Anniversary Celebrations¬†¬†‚Äď No Signup Needed (but MUST be a member of our¬†Discord)
NA:¬†Saturday and Sunday (up to Monday 3:00 AM EST)¬† ‚Äď May 26-28, 2018
EU:¬†Saturday and Sunday (up to Monday 09:00 CEST) ‚Äď ¬†May 26-28, 2018
AUS:¬†Saturday and Sunday (up to Monday 1:00 PM AEST) ‚Äď May 26-28, 2018

– Minimum of 100,000 GP per player (up to 100 players)
РRequirements (more details below): Take a screenshot of the scoreboard after your game ends and submit this form: 10th Anniversary Celebration Form
– Bonus GP may be rewarded…


Here are the events that we have prepared for you. You can join an event room hosted by a C3 staff member (hosted rooms will be announced in our Discord channel), or play with your friends.

Event #1: Turmis’ Onetap Challenge
Map: Junk Flea
Mode:  1v1 One Man Army (15 kills, Pistols Only) or 2v2 Elimination (30 kills, Pistols Only)
Rules: Bring a friend and your M92FS (all variants allowed, no attachments) and aim for the head! The player/team with the most headshots wins!
Gear Restrictions: No Rare or Epic gear, No Headshot Protection items

Event #2: Taava’s Pubstar S&D
Maps: Gray Hammer, Sandhog, Snow Valley, Warhead
Mode:  8v8 Search and Destroy (No Backpack)
Rules: This should be familiar for most of you! Show off your flashy tryhard plays on the original S&D maps.
Gear Restrictions: C3 Ruleset (you can use a Light Vest/Deckland/Mei or Heavy Vest/Baron/Kamara instead of Zadan)

Event #3: Silva’s Nadehouse CTF
Map: Death Room or Junk Flea
Mode:  8v8 Capture the Flag
Rules: This should be a blast! Bring all your RPGs, mines, and grenades because this will be EXPLOSIVES ONLY–no spec items
Gear Restrictions: No spec items, no fire or gas grenades

Event #4: Turmis’ Spray n’ Pray
Map: Vertigo
Mode: Spy Hunt (16 players)
Rules: Machine Guns or Melee ONLY. My condolences to your eardrums.
Gear Restrictions:¬†No Rare or Epic Gear, no MINIMI Para Camo, no Hauser’s M60E4 Steel, no Phoenix MG21E Steel, no Minigun, no Legion

Event #5: LimitBreakerGoku’s Desert Storm
Map: Desert Thunder – Extreme
Mode: Fireteam
Rules:¬†You’ve been dropped from the helicopter for the 1000th time, except this time your idiot teammate forgot to bring the weapons! Too bad, you still have a mission to complete! Pistols and Melee ONLY
Gear Restrictions: No Rare or Epic Gear, Pistols or Melee ONLY, No G18 Chrome/Digital Camo G18 Chrome CORE/G23 Carbon Black, No Grenades

Event #6: LimitBreakerGoku’s Headbanger
Map: Snow Valley
Mode: One Man Army (16 players), Snipers Only
Rules:¬†Let’s see how well you can take those heads off! May the best sniper win.
Gear Restrictions: No Rare or Epic Gear, M24/M24 Woodland ONLY, Arctic Camo REQUIRED

Bonus Event: ramski’s Costume Party
Map: Junk Flea, Gray Hammer, Pump Jack, Snow Valley, Warhead, Cold Seed, Two Towers, Brushwood, Waverider, Sandhog
Mode: Any
Rules: Not interested in playing any of these events? You can still win some GP! Go into a room with your favorite gear from back in the day and take some screenshots of you and your friends! Upload your favorite ones to the #screen-shots channel of our Discord!

gp prize

In order to successfully receive GP for participating in our event, you must do the following:

  1. Be a verified member of the C3 Discord. If you have not done so already, please join our Discord Channel and submit a screenshot of your inventory in the #verify channel.verify
  2. Play at least one event. You can choose to play in an event room hosted by a C3 staff member, or play a private game with your friends!
  3. Take a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of the game.
  4. Submit your screenshot by completing this form. You MUST do this step so we know who you are!  10th Anniversary Celebration Form

We hope you have a great time, please have fun! Message a C3 staff member on the Discord if you have any questions.