Hardcore Ranked Event – #3

hardcore ranked poster3

Update: All GP prizes have been sent out! Check your Reward Inbox! – ramski

The fan-favorite event is back!!!

Are you interested in playing competitively, but have a hard time finding a team to play with? Have you dreamed of the day where you finally reach 5300+ ranked points? Well, we can help turn those dreams into reality! Enjoy an encore of this amazing event––designed for users to enjoy playing using Combat Arms’ competitive settings! Play Hardcore Ranked matches this weekend, submit screenshots of your victories, and earn GP for your skills!


Hardcore Ranked – Weekend Event –  (MUST be a member of our Discord to participate)
NA: Saturday and Sunday (up to Monday 3:00 AM EST)  – September 1-3, 2018
EU: Saturday and Sunday (up to Monday 09:00 CEST) –  September 1-3, 2018
AUS: Saturday and Sunday (up to Monday 1:00 PM AEST) – September 1-3, 2018


  • 20,000 GP per each verified Hardcore Ranked win (up to 10 wins per player, 50 players maximum)
  • 100,000 GP bonus after 10 verified wins!


In order to successfully receive GP for participating in our event, you must do the following:

  1. Be a verified member of the C3 Discord. If you have not done so already, please join our Discord Channel and submit a screenshot of your inventory in the #verify channel.
  2. Play the Hardcore Ranked mode. You can queue up with your friends or wait until a C3 staff member hosts a game (announcements will be made on Discord).hardcore
  3. Take a screenshot of the scoreboard every time you win a Hardcore Ranked game.Combat-Arms_180528_002709_00
  4. Post all your victory screenshots in the #screen-shots channel of the C3 Discord.screenshots
  5. Profit! A VALOFE GM will send your GP rewards a few days following the event.

We hope you have a great time, please have fun! Message a C3 staff member on our Discord if you have any questions.

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